Privacy Policy

Most people visit us from a web search. To help us keep our site accurate and up to date we use Google Analytics. We don’t know your name, your email address or your phone number unless you choose to tell us.

We will be able to tell if you are on a mobile phone or a PC.  

Let’s assume you are on your mobile phone.  We save (if you allow us), cookies which tells us:

  • If you come just once and never come back again or look at lots of information
  • The size of your screen so we can try to make sure the pages fit everyone’s phone
  • If your phone is set to use English or another language (do we need to support different languages)
  • The temporary internet address you are using which could tell us what mobile phone network you use.
  • The search words you used to find us.
  • Phones have privacy settings that could also tell us roughly where you are – this is something you can (and should) turn off.  If we need to know where you are, we will ask you.

We can’t contact you from this information and know very little about you as a person – but it helps us check our site is working properly and what information you find useful.

We don’t have any advertisements on our site – so there’s no tracking from ad companies.

Most the time we’re too busy taxiing to look at this information but, when we get time, it’s good to see how you felt about us or if you found our information useful.


If you want to speak to us, you can call us using the number at the top of the screen.  On a mobile phone you can just touch the number and it will put the number into your phone. You can then press the green Call button.  You’ve probably got Caller ID turned on so we may see your phone number.  

We won’t save your phone number unless you ask us to call back.  If the call goes to a mobile phone it will be saved in our call history.


If you email us then we will see your email address so we can reply.  Your email will be in our inbox but we won’t use it unless you ask us to contact you.

We don’t have any mailing lists, we don’t share your information with anyone except your taxi driver if you you make a booking.  We like to send you a text message or email to confirm details. 

We need your email address to send you a quote.  If you aren’t interested and don’t respond, your email will be deleted after a month.


The booking form lets you enter your details.  When you press Send Message it comes back to us and we convert it into an email message with the same details.  We don’t save the data on our server or anywhere else.

Your connection to our web site is encrypted so the details in the form are not visible to anyone else.

Never enter any financial information in the messages.  We do not need and do not want your credit card details or any bank information.


You have the right to contact us at any time and ask what information we have about you (if any).

You can also ask us to remove any information such as old emails.  We’ll be happy to do this.

If you have an account with us, we will wait until your account is up to date and then delete your information.